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No Sugar Please…

siggi'sIf you live in my part of the world, specifically Southern California, there is a huge Greek Yogurt craze. It’s insane, there are now 5, 6, 7 options in some markets. Consumers are eating it up by the truckloads because of its high protein content and low-fat, things which are good. The thing many people are not aware of is the potential high sugar count. Some of the so-called “Greek” yogurt out there has up to 22 grams of sugar which is more than some candy bars…not good. Make sure you are reading labels! I have tried a few and my favorite is siggi’s which is a traditional Icelandic recipe and also strained just like Greek yogurt. It is high in protein, low in fat and sugar, YEA! It is on the tart side, which I prefer, and the fruit is already mixed in. If you have ever had Pinkberry the taste is similar to the tart flavors, it’s good stuff!

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