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A Healthy Incentive…

Cypress Body BootcampI recently signed up for a Boot Camp exercise program and it’s turning into a fun and educational experience. On my second day, I was weighed on a $9K scale. This thing was pretty amazing spitting out all kind of statistics, from percentage of muscle in each limb to my resting metabolic rate – all very informative. What really struck a chord with me was the difference between BMI (body mass index) and BFP (body fat percentage). My doctor is always telling me that my weight and BMI are healthy and I’m doing everything right. What I’ve never been told, until now, is that my BFP is too high and my muscle mass is too low. I’m amazed that our doctors and hospitals don’t measure BFP in their patients and have this conversation. Perhaps one reason our nation is struggling with weight and disease is that few know the whole story of their body. I would urge anybody to seek out this information so you can adjust as needed to be the best healthy version of your self. Seeing the numbers on paper really is incentive!  P.S. My goal is to lose 10lbs of fat and gain 5 lbs of muscle, wish me luck 

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