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Barre to Ballerina…

It’s been a while since I have posted, I guess I haven’t felt particularly inspired, or maybe didn’t have anything worthwhile to share. Either way, I have missed the creative process and hope to get back in the swing of things! Yesterday,  I was particularly smitten with some workout socks I haven’t seen that beg to be shared. I have been going to a Barre/Pilates/Yoga class regularly (it’s awesome) and my instructor was wearing these socks that were so adorable I couldn’t stop staring. Apparently I wasn’t the only one as right after class there were three of us lined up purchasing.  Made by Shashi, with crystals and rubber grips, these socks are not only beautiful but functional too. Hat’s off to their creator Natalie, who came up with a clever idea and made it happen! This is about as close as I’m going to get to being a ballerina and when I’m wearing them I almost feel legit 

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One thought on “Barre to Ballerina…

  1. WOW! Just found this! Thank you SO much! I am honored and flattered by your article!!! Hope you are still enjoying your SHASHI socks and your barre classes! Warmly, Natalie

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