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A bar you don’t have to think about…

ThinkThin-barsI always try to eat fresh, real food but sometimes I need a quick snack. Over the years I have tried different nutrition bars as they are easy to keep on hand and eat in any place (my car, my work desk). Lately I’ve been very conscious of all the sugar in certain bars and have been gravitating towards low sugar varieties which led me to thinkThin bars. I have to say for a mere 150 calories these taste pretty good and are satisfying. Founded by a single mom with a passion for food and nutrition, thinkThin bars promote great taste and good health. I’ve tried a few flavors and they have all been good! This is my new go to bar when I need a quick nutrition boost. I highly recommend for those moments when life is too busy to put together a fresh food snack, you know what I’m talking about 

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