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Hotel Living…

bed bath and beyondI have an acquaintance who loves hotel living and styled her bathroom after her favorite 2nd home. While I enjoy aspects of hotels, for me they lack a feeling of warmth and obvious personal style. One thing I do love are those fancy wall vanity mirrors! Every time I stay somewhere that has one I think it’s the greatest thing and vow to buy one for home. This weekend I finally made such purchase and couldn’t be happier. I found the above at Bed Bath and Beyond. It swings out from the wall in any direction you need and the mirror tilts to any angle. One side is a regular mirror and the other an 8x magnification for detailed tasks like tweezing your brows. Both sides have a light similar to natural sunlight and turn on with a twist of a knob. I love it! When I’m all done, poof! It folds back against the wall and out of the way. Seriously I highly recommend, no more leaning over the counter to get close to the mirror or needing to grab a second one for close-ups. It’s an affordable luxury for everyday living, one of my favorite things 

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