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Share Your Inner Song…

Coco de Paris hand painted art

Coco de Paris hand painted art

This week I did a lot of thinking about life. The passing of Robin Williams really shocked and saddened me, I felt terrible that such a talented and seemingly good man thought he had no way out of his struggle. He also had been making me laugh and feel good for thirty-five years and I will miss him. After much thought I realized that one thing he did get absolutely right was sharing his inner song with the world. In that regard he was a complete success. If we would all share our inner song, our talent, wow, what a great place it would be. It doesn’t have to be on a grand stage with millions. You can share with your inner circle, your friends, family, and neighbors. People underestimate how much power they have and inspiring just a handful of people can have a positive impact on the world. So if you are a great cook, host dinner parties or teach your sister how to make her favorite dish. If you have a knack for interior design, help your neighbor make-over her living room. If you have a talent for teaching math, tutor your friend’s child. Everybody has some inner talent they can share with others and make the world a better place 

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