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Summer Salve…

I’m pretty diligent about wearing sunscreen but sometimes the day takes an unexpected turn and I’m out getting more sun that anticipated. Over the weekend a casual lunch turned into a stroll on the beach and my shoulders got sunburned, UGH. Fortunately it wasn’t too bad but nonetheless I wanted to treat it properly to help heal my skin. A few years ago I learned how easy it is to make your own sunburn remedy and was able to whip some up in no time. Three simple ingredients – body oil (coconut or jojoba), pure aloe gel, and honey are all it takes. These all have natural elements that soothe and hydrate as well as help the healing process. Applying this mixture directly to sunburned skin will make a BIG difference in comfort and healing time. It may also prevent any peeling, a nice plus. Here is how:

mis 2 parts pure aloe (no added dyes or chemicals), 1 part all natural honey, 1 part coconut or jojoba oil. Apply to sunburned skin and wait a few minutes for mixture to sink in. Don’t worry, the stickiness from the honey will disappear in time!

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