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Growing up in Southern California I’ve had my fair share of sun exposure. It’s only fair to say I seek it out, much like a cat, always looking for a sunny spot to be in. That’s great for my vitamin D levels but not so great for my fair skin. Although I always wear sunscreen, all that time in the sun was bound to catch up with me. So here I am finally recognizing that my some of my freckles have transformed into “age spots”. UGH. The good news is that there are products on the market to help erase sun damage. After some research I have decided to try Kate Somerville Spot Reducing Concentrate. It’s a light creamy texture, that absorbs quickly, and contains 2% hydroquinone, the gold standard active for lightening discolorations from sun damage. I have enjoyed facials at Kate Somerville Clinic and have always been impressed with her products, plus my make-up artist friend swears by this brand. This product has great reviews so I’m in. Wish me luck…. I’d love to know what products you have tried and loved!

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