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Romantic Rings…

Filigree circa 1920

Filigree circa 1920

I love vintage jewelry and the intricate designs of the past. In particular, I find filigree ring from the early 1900’s most beautiful. It’s great fun to shop estate sales and vintage re-sale shops looking for special pieces that speak to you. There are a couple modern-day designers who also have a flair for details and romantic designs. Cathy Waterman has gorgeous pieces that are to die for. The ring below looks like it’s for a Queen!

Cathy Waterman

Cathy Waterman

Filigree circa 1905

Filigree circa 1905


Filigree circa 1910

Filigree circa 1910

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4 thoughts on “Romantic Rings…

  1. I love vintage rings too. If you’ve seen any of my knitting videos you’ve probably seen mine.

  2. Kelley on said:

    I love vintage jewelry, and was enamored by the collection of Wallis Simpson that was being auctioned off in NYC a while back. I told my hubbub that I wouldn’t mind if bought me the cross bracelet she owned… Lol, right. 😉

  3. At least now he knows what you like!

  4. Your choices are lovely. My favorites are between the first, and the almost navette with the ruby at the end. Filigree is so amazing when done right, and these pieces are RIGHT 🙂 ! ~ Global Jewelry

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