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Beauty Finds…

Nars MultiplieThis weekend was full of discovery. I tried and loved a new restaurant and purchased some beauty products I have been dreaming of. Lucky for me, my make-up artist friend invited me to an industry show and I was able to scoop up some great products at even better prices. I can’t rave enough about my new Nars Multiple in Maldives. It’s this incredible feathery creme to powder highlighter for cheeks, eyes and lips. It feels amazing, is easy to blend, and instantly gives me a fresh, youthful look. I’m so excited about this product! My other new find is Stilla Illuminating Powder Foundation. Once I heard it has shea butter in it I was sold. It glides on effortlessly and gives a smooth, even finish. And yes, the shea butter keeps it from looking dry. I’ve worn it all day and it stays fresh. I did also stock up on some all time favorites, one being Nars Monoi Body Glow. This coconut oil smells so good I want to take a bath in it! I use it all over and it really keeps my skin hydrated and glowing even in the winter months. It works great mixed with sugar as an exfoliant too!Stilla Illuminating Powder FoundationNars Body Glow II

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