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Crackers and Pickers…

My husband and I love shellfish and treat ourselves every couple of months with a crab and lobster dinner at home. We have learned that preparing at home is fun and cost effective. At home is also easier to control portions which don’t need to be too big. A couple of things I have been meaning to purchase are shell crackers and picks. We have gotten pretty good at getting all the meat out of the shells without these handy tools, but it could be easier. I was browsing Williams Sonoma and discovered these super cute crackers and decided we had to have them! Plus they have these adorable pickers with lobsters engraved in the metal. I’m all for adding a little fun to a meal. And…they had a nice olive wood mallet, perfect for getting that initial crack in the shell. Finally we are getting those handy dandy tools, I’m so excited for our next dinner!

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