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Ahhh Aloe…

I’m a pushover for great packaging and when I ran across this line of skin care there was no hope of walking away (their logo is a guardian angel!). Fortunately, the product turned out to be equally as great. Skin Food is known for using natural foods and produce as ingredients and the owner has been in the business for over 50 years making healthy products that feed your skin.  This aloe mask is a yummy gel like consistency with fresh aloe extracts that delivers instant hydration and soothing to tired skin. I keep in the refrigerator for an extra cooling sensation that is great in the summer time. Yesterday morning, after a late night party, this aloe mask was just what I needed. After splashing cool water on my face I put a generous layer on and it felt soooo amazing. Ten minutes later, my skin was refreshed and feeling good! This mask is great when your skin needs a boost after a late night or a day in the sun. Another favorite small luxury I love!

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2 thoughts on “Ahhh Aloe…

  1. I’m loving your blog.

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