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Ashley Morgan rosegold bandI keep seeing articles pop up about engagement rings and how the higher a price paid the more likely a future divorce. One author even stated anything over $2000 was trouble. That’s a pretty broad statement and while I understand the underlying message, I don’t think divorce is inevitable just because you have a pricey ring on your finger. I do agree that marketing has convinced countless women they must have lots of sparkle along with a proper marriage proposal, and even men feel pressure to buy a big diamond to show the world they can. Oh boy, so silly. The only ones really winning here are the diamond dealers. On the other hand…an engagement ring is a symbol of something very sentimental and personal, its worn every day, it should be something the wearer loves! The problem I have with calling out those who spend more than $2000 are more likely to get divorced than those who spend $500 is it doesn’t take into account the income level or financial health of the spender. Spending $10000 may be reasonable for some. I think really, a man should spend what is a comfortable amount for his income taking into consideration any debt accrued he takes into the marriage. If the girl in his life is pressuring for more than what is reasonable that’s trouble! I picked out the above rose gold ring for my engagement 6 years ago and still love it. I wanted something unique and special like the relationship I have with my husband. The retail cost was reasonable for us and the sentimental value priceless. Ultimately the ring has nothing to do with day-to-day married life or divorce. I think a more important message is if the ring has become a bigger focus than the actual marriage commitment then a divorce is more likely. Choose your partners first, and that sentimental ring second! 

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