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The Perfect Winter Hue…

Hue Liner SockSometimes it’s the undergarments that make or break a fashion piece. Lately I’ve been struggling with my winter booties since I couldn’t find the right sock to wear with them. I wanted something thin and comfortable, that didn’t show. That left me trying liner socks and they were all wrong. Some had thick seams that left uncomfortable dents in my feet and most wouldn’t stay on, the heels would slide off which was super annoying! I ended up going barefoot a few times which was not ideal either. This week I discovered the Hue No Show Socks at Nordstrom and they are perfect! First off, they have a rubber strip at the heel to keep them in place (I hope whoever thought of that got a raise). Secondly, the seams are barely noticeable and not at all uncomfortable. They come in a cotton blend or nylon blend for whatever you fancy and have size small that are actually small! I wear a size 5-51/2 so this is a big deal for me. All in all a fashion win for me and my winter booties 

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