velvet birdie


Yesterday I wore an orange sleeveless blouse and got  a million compliments on how good I look in orange. People were very responsive to me, in a good way. Why did I buy that blouse? Well for starters I liked it, but I also knew I look good in orange because I had my colors done long ago. When I was sixteen, my mother took me to a fashion consultant/color expert who helped show me my best color range based on my hair, skin, and eye color. It was a really fun experience and one that has helped tremendously over the years. Why should I care what my best colors are? Why not just wear what I want? Well, like it or not, people respond to you based on your appearance. It’s just the way it is. I notice I get better service from salespeople and customer service reps when I look my best. It also boosts my confidence which helps in interviews, work meetings, and mingling at parties. So knowing I look better in orange than hot pink has made a positive impact on my life. It also makes shopping easier! I would encourage anybody to have their colors done and enjoy the benefits, its win win 

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