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Classic Washington Apple…

Washington Apple MartiniThere is a huge trend in whisky based drinks and whisky bars popping up all over. Some are referring to themselves as a “speakeasy” which refers to the time of prohibition. Nowadays, it really refers to a bar that serves classic cocktails made with exceptional ingredients, in an elegant, but not ostentatious atmosphere. I’m in! My challenge is that I don’t really love whiskey so I thought it would be fun to research some recipes that are more appealing to my palet. I remembered this drink I had years ago in San Diego called a Washington Apple that is fantastic. It contains whiskey but it’s not the dominant flavor, rather in a nice blend. I mixed this up over the weekend and was not disappointed! This will be my go to drink at our local “speakeasy”.

Here is how: mix equal parts (1-2 ounces) of Canadian whisky, sour apple pucker schnapps, and cranberry juice…garnish with a slice of red apple. Enjoy 

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