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Green Goddess…

The girls in my office think I’m a plant goddess because I seem to be the only one who can keep them alive.  The truth is I just actually care. Plants make me happy, especially on my desk where they add a touch of nature and serenity to the workplace. I tell my co-workers if they really cared they could nurture and grow their plants too. After all, they don’t let their kids or pets wilt away into nothing. At any rate, I was inspired to offer a few tips for those who really want to make the effort.

Assuming you have purchased a plant that can grow indoors without direct sunlight, the biggest challenge is getting the watering down. It’s best to water a plant on its schedule not yours, meaning simply watering every Thursday may not work out. You need to feel the soil (about 1″ down) to determine if it’s thirsty, it may feel dry every 5 days or every 10 days. When the soil is dry water it very thoroughly. I take my plant to a sink and water for a few minutes letting the water run through the bottom to make sure the soil is saturated. After turning the water off, make sure all the run off has drained. Do not let a plant sit in water or it will drown. I also sprinkle some water on the leaves to wash the dust off so they can breathe. I’m pretty sure my plants appreciate that 🙂 The same process goes for Orchids only instead of testing the soil I feel the leaves. The leaves should feel hard and crisp. When they start to limp the plant is thirsty. If there are dead flowers or leaves trim them off so the plant isn’t using energy trying to save them. Really that’s it. It’s not that hard. You simply have to want them to live. I highly recommend keeping a plant or two at the office. It’s been proven they improve air quality, reduce stress, and increase focus and productivity. That’s a lot for a pretty little flower!

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