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Yes You Can…

Yesterday I read an article about the Juicy girls, Pamela & Gela, that really inspired me. I knew some of their story but what I learned was that they started Juicy Couture with only $200. Given their backgrounds, I’m sure they had a few coins in their pockets but regardless they were determined not to borrow and start out a new business in debt. Pretty impressive considering they had $1MM in sales their first year. They also agreed not to take a salary the first two years and rather put all the money back into the business. They were smart and made strategic moves like inviting celebrities to a room at the Chateau Marmont and giving them free clothes to wear. Madonna was a main player in helping them get status simply by wearing a custom track suit they made for her. They also weren’t afraid to reach out to the biggest reps at the LA Mart who represented all the big labels at the time. Again, impressive for two ladies with an unknown line. Granted they had some connections in LA but ultimately grew a tee-shirt line into a multi-million dollar business with passion, determination, and hard work. Flash forward nearly 20 years later and they have moved on from Juicy and started a new line, Pam & Gela, that represents who they are now and current trends. Yes, they still offer a track suit but it’s very fresh and of the moment. Their new line is for the modern day “Juciy girl” and being picked up by major retailers. Here’s to doing what you love and creative thinking…Good Job girls!Pam and Gela

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