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Foods That Fight…

eatcleaner imageLast week I started getting cold and flu-like symptoms and since I refuse to get sick I immediately took precautions. In addition to clearing my weekend schedule so I could rest, I stocked up on foods that boost the immune system. I can tell you now that it’s Monday I’m feeling good and healthy and happy. Since flu season isn’t over yet I recommend stocking your kitchen with the following foods, they really work to keep your body healthy from the inside out!

salmon*Salmon/Tuna – omega 3’s help reduce inflammation that weakens the immune system

citrus fruits*Citrus Fruits/Red Peppers – vitamin C reduces the length of illness

blueberries*Blueberries/Tea – antioxidants to boost immunity

yogurt*Yogurt – good bacteria lowers the risk of infections

Godiva*Dark Chocolate 70% or higher Cocao – antioxidants and zinc to boost immunity

Milk*Milk – vitamin D boosts immune system

Chicken Breast*Skinless Chicken/Turkey – lean protein helps to fight infection

Spinach *Dark Leafy Greens – boosts infection fighting blood cells

beta carotene*Carrots/Sweet Potatoes – beta-carotene helps fight illness

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