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feng shui at home

feng shui at home

Happy New Year! I had such a great vacation and am feeling recharged. I have so many ideas swirling around in my head for the new year and can’t wait to get started! First and foremost is my desire to get our home uncluttered and organized. Yesterday I purchased some beautiful, durable storage boxes for our Christmas ornaments. It felt so good to toss the old cardboard containers and organize our ornaments in the new compartmentalized boxes! Even my husband said it was a great idea 🙂 Now with the seasonal decor packed up, I’m motivated to revamp each room to make us feel calm and happy. The Jan issue of Real Simple has a great article on feng shui for the home and I like the idea of creating a harmonious environment. The idea is to put your personal space in line with who you are, to sync your energy with that of your home. That sounds like a great idea! The above chart is a guide to cultivating positive energy in each zone of your life. Stand in the main doorway of your home facing inside, the far left corner is the money zone, the far right corner is the relationship zone. It’s best to start with the whole house and then if you want to strengthen a particular area you can address per room. Here is the basic breakdown of how to design each area:

*Money – place plants or a valuable treasure here                                             *Reputation – place awards and good luck symbols here                               *Relationships – place pairs – pillows, candlesticks, images of love birds or butterflies *Creativity – ideal for a bulletin board, chalk wall, or fun wallpaper                       *Friends & Travel – display photos with friends, maps and travel trinkets here             *Career – this area should be well-lit and have something that relates to your passion *Knowledge – great for a reading nook or conversation spot                                           *Family and Health – place family photos here and keep this area clean!

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