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Friday Featured Friend…

This friend I met years ago while working as an intern on a t.v show. I was working in costume and went to her studio several times to pick up custom sweaters for the show. When the show ended, Judy hired me as her assistant and it was a really fun job! Judy is amazing, a self taught hand knitter, she is living proof that following your passion is very rewarding. At 13 she learned the basics and after years of practice and love of her craft became very skilled. When a friend introduced her to a costume designer for the show Rhoda, her business was born. As word traveled, she quickly became the knitter to the stars, creating anything and everything the costumers could dream up. She has worked on more t.v. shows and movies than you can count and loved every challenge. Her biggest obstacle in the beginning was keeping up with demand so she quickly had to hire machine knitters to help out when movies required multiple duplicates of pieces. Over the years she has been challenged to create pre-historic and post-apocalyptic costumes, unraveling suits, cut-away sweaters, hats and sweaters for food products, topsy-turvy pieces for fictional characters, and on and on…Having run a steady business for over 30 years, Judy now picks and chooses jobs when she has time and is not visiting with family. She also shares knitting tips for anyone who wants to learn or just needs a little help. Check out knitting tips by Judy, she has a lot to share!

P.S. Some would say that Judy had a lucky break, but I think what we can learn from her is that she recognized an opportunity and acted on it. A leap of faith some would say.

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One thought on “Friday Featured Friend…

  1. Very cool. Those who do well have a strange knack for making “luck” happen.

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