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Not So Sweet…

This weekend I watched a food documentary called Hungry for Change and was really inspired. Much of the info I had heard before but I always find a “refresher course” to be helpful. My big take-away was how bad excessive sugar is to our health. A little research and I found there are many nutritionists who see sugar as a drug with real addiction qualities, no kidding. The challenge is, it seems to be in everything. Food manufacturers add it to drinks, dressings, condiments, cereals, granola bars, the list goes on and on. Once again I think the answer is to eat as mush fresh, local, organic food as possible. The natural sugar in fresh fruit and organic milk is fine. It’s all the processed food with additives that are harmful. I’m making a pledge to be more aware of added sugar and avoid it. I highly recommend watching Hungry for Change, it’s very inspiring!

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