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Hydrated, Healthy, and Happy…

Many times it’s the simple things that are so amazing.  I couple of weeks ago I was out shopping and offered some water infused with cucumber and lemon slices.  Now I’ve enjoyed water with lemon and water with cucumber, but never together.  Let me say it was the best water I’ve ever tasted, super refreshing!  I left thinking I have to do that at home.  This weekend I was served the same water at my girlfriend’s wedding and again it was sooo good.  So I went to the market and bought the 2 simple ingredients and now I have this fabulous drink in my fridge!  A little research and I found there are health benefits to this concoction as well. Lemons help to detoxify and cucumbers have natural antioxidants. Win Win!  I plan to drink this all summer to stay hydrated and happy.

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