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My Fountain of Youth…

I have always looked younger than my years which in my youth was sometimes frustrating but now that I’m not “twenty something” it’s a good thing. I often am asked what’s my secret? What products do I use? The truth is none of my routine is revolutionary, but sometimes it’s helpful to hear a reminder of the good things you can do for your body. So here is my list of ways to stay youthful in no particular order:

1. GET LOTS OF SLEEP. I get 7-8 hrs every night which is great because that’s when your body repairs itself. If you need an alarm or two cups of coffee to wake up every morning you are not getting enough sleep.

2. WEAR SUNSCREEN. This is the #1 way to protect your skin from aging. I wear sunscreen on my face, neck, and hands everyday that I’m outside. If I’m at the beach I put on all over liberally and 20 min before I walk outside.

3. MOISTURIZE. I have been wearing moisturizer and eye cream daily since I was 20 yrs old. I make sure to put on my face, neck, and hands. It’s much easier to maintain smooth, youthful skin than to try to erase wrinkles after you have them.

4. DRINK WATER. Water helps to keep your organs running smoothly and your skin looking fresh. I jumped on the bottled water bandwagon in the 80’s and have made an effort to drink plenty of water daily ever since.

5. SLEEP ON YOUR BACK. Sleeping on your side night after night, year after year, presses unwanted wrinkles in your face, neck, and decolletage. Years ago I trained myself to sleep on my back, I still like to sleep on my side but do my best not to!

6. MOVE. Exercise increases blood flow which nourishes your skin. It also reduces stress and gives you energy – all great things to help look and feel young. I have always enjoyed various forms of exercise and am fortunate to live in a community that promotes an active lifestyle. Sometimes it’s simply walking to dinner and back home.

7. STAY CURRENT. If you are still wearing the same bangs you sported in HS 10 yrs later, you need an update. You don’t need to cling to every trend but your appearance should reflect the current year. I find accessories are an easy way to add a trend without going overboard and something about longer hair is youthful.

8. STRIVE FOR BALANCE IN YOUR LIFE. Stress kills, literally, and if it doesn’t it will for sure add years to your face (and your body). It’s always been important to me to have a healthy balance of work and play. I consistently make time for myself to relax and have fun!

**With Monday being a holiday, my next post will be on Wednesday. Have a great weekend!

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