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Mustache Maddness…

For so long I have been intrigued by the mustache trend. I thought it would disappear quickly, but if anything, it’s only gained momentum. I’m not sure if the fashion trend is helping to build Movember, a month of awareness for men’s health issues, or if Movember is building the trend – but either way I’m on board.  I love a little whimsy and the mustache is perfect for adding some humor here and there. There are endless products to get your mustache on, here are a few of my favorites!

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2 thoughts on “Mustache Maddness…

  1. David Evans on said:

    I wasn’t aware that mustaches were in.I had one fifty years ago [along with the long hair] but it went away and has not resurfaced.

    • I started noticing mustaches a few years back in fashion items and on young trendy men. Movember, a month dedicated to awareness of men’s health issues has inspired many men to grow a mustache in November. Somewhere between fashion and the Movember movement, mustaches have become quite trendy!

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