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Blue Kitty…

My husband and I have been pet free for almost two years and are ready to bring a new furry friend into our home. For various reasons we have decided on a cat, a Russian Blue. These cats are gorgeous! With silver blue velvety fur, and piercing green eyes, they are in my opinion the most loveliest of cats. They are also known as Archangel cats due to their place of origin, the Russian port of Arkhangelsk. These elegant creatures are very affectionate and extremely loyal to their loved ones, not like some cats who will wander off with anyone.  I can’t wait to bring home our new blue kitty!

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3 thoughts on “Blue Kitty…

  1. They’re awesome, loving cats with a great temperament as well. We had a Russian Blue, “Rocky”, for about a year, but unfortunately he ran away on Labor Day 2010. We still miss him.

    • He ran away?! Oh no…. They are supposed to be so loyal!

      • He was incredibly loyal and totally cool. It was a major heat wave and we had our entire HVAC replaced. The workers left the back door open and he went up the hill (probably chasing birds, lizards, etc.). To be honest, that summer was very active with coyotes in the area and the most likely outcome was fairly decisive. He was awesome.

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