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Anthropologie Champagne Flute

Anthropologie flute glass

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3 thoughts on “Anthropologie flute glass

  1. Hello! I loved these glasses and used to have a set of two. My husband just broke one and now I have a lonely glass. They were my absolute favorite – do you happen to know where I could purchase one or two? I am not able to find them anywhere. I would be grateful for any help. 🙂 Thank you!

    • Hi! So sorry to hear! A good lesson to learn, always buy at least 3. I searched the internet with the style name/number but nothing. They were probably exclusive to Anthro and now they’re gone. Best suggestion I have is search art nouveau champagne glass and see if there is another style you like. Antique stores have that style of glassware too. Good Luck to you!

    • Heather Sauers on said:

      Hi Jen- I just came across your post, because I too broke one of my glasses and am left with just one lonely glass. These were my toasting flutes from my wedding, so I am especially heartbroken. Any chance I can buy your lonely glass from you?

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