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Thirsty Skin…

I love the sun! So much that I spend as much time as possible outside on a sunny day. Sometimes this means my skin gets a little more exposure than it should, OK…it gets a lot more than it should. Knowing this isn’t a great thing I stock up on sunscreen and great body lotion which can get expensive. This weekend, after many fun hours in the sun I was inspired to create my own home remedy for thirsty skin. I mixed 2 parts pure aloe(no color or additives), 1 part local honey, and a some of my favorite coconut body oil. Aloe and honey both have natural properties that attract moisture, promote healing, and fight free radical damage. The coconut oil also moisturizes and soothes parched skin. The mixture came out perfect and really felt comforting and hydrating, it felt good just knowing it was all natural ingredients. A great alternative to those pricey store bought formulas!

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